Biologics or Biosimilars


What are Biologics and Biosimilars?

Biologics or biological products are medicines made from living organisms through highly complex manufacturing processes and must be handled and administered under carefully monitored conditions. Biologics include a wide variety of products such as gene and cell therapies, therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines. Biologics are used to prevent, treat or cure a variety of diseases including cancer, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and autoimmune disorders.

A biosimilar is exactly what its name implies — it is a biologic that is “similar” to another biologic medicine (known as a reference product) which is already licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Biosimilars are highly similar to the reference product in terms of safety, purity and potency, but may have minor differences in clinically inactive components.


Our solutions are specialized and targeted for the full spectrum of oncology stakeholders. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of solutions clients come to us for.

  • Drug commercialization planning to address distribution, market access and patient compliance.


  • Creative launch programs to minimize waste and maximize patient access to treatment.


  • Working directly with providers to support their plans and treatment goals.


  • Dispensing oncology prescriptions to patients in the whole world prioritizing referrals based on therapy start dates. We track each shipment until the patient confirms delivery. And we remind patients of their refills to prevent interruptions and delays.


  • Provide access to limited- and exclusive-distribution drugs, thanks to our integrated specialty pharmacy services.

What we do

PCS empowers healthcare providers, payers and physicians to deliver oncology, neurology and other complex care needs for the best possible patient outcomes – clinical, financial and emotional. 

Setting the standard for “high-touch” in the specialty pharmacy market, our team provides innovative solutions to our healthcare practices and ultimately helps supports patients on their path to better health.

It is our privilege to serve patients who are facing such a monumental challenge and the doctors who are treating them. 

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