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At PharmCare, we focus on solving problems  

Whether it’s a global pharmaceutical company evaluating its strategy to develop new opportunities, a Physician's Practice seeking new revenue sources in a challenging deregulated industry or an International Patient in need of a medication in shortage, our clients rely on PharmCare. 

We help them to meet their toughest challenges and take advantage of their biggest opportunities. Our deep industry expertise, analytical rigor and the knowledge that it takes to turn insights into action are the hallmarks of our approach.

Pharmcare is working with clients in areas including:

Strategic Partnership Creation


Medical Cost Containment


Pharmacy Consulting



Medication Therapy Management


Global Veterinary Wholesaler


Medical Case Coordination


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Commitment with Education



PharmCare Services is committed to excellence in education.  That is why we have created the best pharmacy technician training program in the area.  Our dedicated, professional staff is affiliated with Nova Southeastern University and their College of Pharmacy, giving them a well-rounded background in multiple aspects of pharmacy-related training. We work with our students to provide support and guidance even after completion of the program.  

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Strategic Planning


 We take a collaborative approach to strategy development. We start with an assessment of the current situation and partner with our client’s senior management team to identify the objectives, tactics to achieve them, and metrics to define success. PharmCare can then also lead the strategically important projects from idea to implementation. 



 TeleHealth is slowly reaching critical mass and is transforming how healthcare is delivered. It promises to take cost out of the system and provide the convenient, 24/7 access to care that patients have long-desired with the potential to even improve the quality of care. 

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Wholesale Prescription Medication Sales

Please contact us when prescription medications in wholesale quantities are required for a physician’s office, pharmacy, and/or hospitals. international pharmacy services


Efficient and convenient plasma-derivative and specialty drug ordering

  • Immune globulin
  • Albumin
  • Factors
  • Hyperimmunes
  • Biosurgery
  • Hemostasis